Noah is a gorgeous 3 year old pit bull mix.  We can't figure out what he is mixed with, but just look at those adorable ears! He also has the most beautiful white and grey markings on his chest and legs  He is really a beauty.  He is playful, easily entertained and energetic.  He loves playing in the yard and also enjoys his walks, walking fairly well on leash.  He seems not to be bothered too much by other animals.  In fact, always seems interested when other dogs are near his kennel.  Noah is housebroken, neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.  He has been waiting over a year to find his family, probably because he sometimes gets scared when new people come around.  He was scared of us here at the rescue when he first came to us, but now he loves us.  If you are willing to give him a chance and get to know him, he is a loveable guy who would really love to have his very own family.




Abbie is a unique dog.  As you can see, she is absolutely gorgeous! She has had some rough years, though.  We took her from the Orange County Shelter about two years ago where she was about to be killed for biting one of the shelter workers.  But we always have to give them a break when they are in such a scary place like a county shelter.  So Abbie came to live with us here at the rescue.  It turns out, she had some early onset arthritis, which may explain her tendency to lash out when she is touched in a sensitive area.  We are looking for a family for Abbie who will understand her limitations.  She does not like to be touched, and will always let us know when she has had enough on her walks. She would like a home with no children or other pets.  She will require a home with a special kind of person who will respect her space when she asks for it.  Abbie has lived in a kennel most of her life, so if you are a patient person who can give Abbie a home of her own, please come meet her1

Paco would love a home with someone who has a lot of time to spend with him.  He was surrendered to the county shelter by his prior family and it was really scary for him there.  Once he knows someone, though, he cuddles right up and takes comfort in being near someone he knows. He has a buddy here at the shelter with whom he is bonding more and more each day. . . so if anyone is looking for a pair of cuties, come by and meet Paco and his friend!   Paco is cute and playful, is vaccinated, neutered and microchipped.


Lexi is about a year old.  She is a sweetheart who would love a home with older children and maybe another dog friend.  She enjoys playing in the yard with other small dogs.  She loves to go for walks, but also is happy on someone's lap getting cuddles and love.  She is spayed, microchipped and fully vaccinated.

Adeline is such a sweet senior.  She is always up for a walk or a stroll around the yard, despite her limited vision and hearing.  But no matter to her . . . she will not slowed down by these things! Adeline is looking for a family that will not care that she is getting older and that will love her for the rest of her years.  She would be a perfect snuggle buddy!

Please come meet Adeline!